Windows Phone 7 to support YouTube, to some extent

If you’re a smartphone platform these days, you damn well better offer up YouTube support in one form or another. I mean, you really expect me to go through my entire lunch break without watching videos of cats not being able to make jumps?

Things were looking pretty grim for Windows Phone 7. No HTML5, no Flash (at least at launch), and no word of an official YouTube app? No cat videos, no glory, Microsoft.

Fortunately, it looks like Microsoft plans to offer up at least some form of YouTube support, though its not clear just how fleshed out it’ll be.

Former Microsoft Silverlight program manager Justin Angel tweeted out the above shot, which shows every icon currently lurking around in the WP7 Market testing zone. Check out 6 columns over in the first row. Bam! It’s YouTube.

Worth noting, however, is that this is currently labeled as a “Music Hub Add-On” — not a separate app. Given what we’ve seen so far, that might mean that the YouTube support won’t be quite as full featured as some might expect. Take WP7’s take on Facebook, for example: it’s technically “supported” as it’s integrated into WP7’s “People” hub, but it’s limited to contact sync, photo sharing/viewing, and wall interaction. It’s missing Notes, Facebook Chat, and a few other things that really make Facebook shine.

Then again, this is YouTube: as long as it has cat videos, that’ll be enough to keep most people happy.

[Via MobileTechWorld]