Sprint to release webOS 1.4.5 later today?

High fives for the guys over at PreCentral, who used their eagle eyes to spot this changelog. What’s that you say? There hasn’t been an update, so there shouldn’t be a changelog? Exactly.

According to the changelog itself, this update is set to go live on 8/10/2010 — which, for all of you folks who haven’t looked at a calendar in weeks, works out to today. While there’s no concrete confirmation that this update is coming today (delays happen!) it seems pretty likely.

So what’s new? While Sprint oddly doesn’t mention it, this is hopefully the update we’ve been hearing about since July, which unleashes native C++ applications into webOS’ once web-app-only world. Either way, the update will also contain a number of bug fixes (podcasts download correctly, text entry issues in the browser fixed, etc) whilst also bumping up battery performance.

Let us know if you see the update hit your handset, wont you?