Cliqset Goes Mobile With iPhone, Android And Web Apps; Integrates Google Buzz

Cliqset, a realtime online social identity platform is going mobile today, with the launch of iPhone, Android and Web apps.

The free apps include much of the same functionality as the web client, with the ability to post and syndicate content on Cliqset, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and 80 other services. And the apps provide full access to Google Buzz and Twitter content and conversations including DMs, mentions, timeline, search and more. You can break content down within the apps by users, type of content (Image, video, text), or by source. And the app includes support for Evernote and Foursquare check-ins.

For Cliqset, these apps have been in the works for some time and the company has been working to make the apps as user-friendly as possible. The startup, which enhanced its Twitter functionality recently, is also deepening its integration with Google Buzz, allowing users to not only post and share to Google Buzz but also subscribe to Google Buzz users and engage in real-time conversations between the two services.

Cliqset’s CEO Darren Bounds says that the startup wants to be a destination for a decentralized social web with no siloses of data. A mobile presence should help further that goal. And Bounds is hoping to create a deeper Facebook integration when the social network releases that functionality to developers. While Cliqset faces competition from a number of other applications, including Threadsy, Seesmic, TweetDeck, Brizzly; the startup’s userbase seems to be growing. The app is closing in on 60,000 users, which is up from 6,000 in November.