External hard drives are the new floppy disk: Freecom Mobile Drive CLS

Do you remember slapping labels on floppy or ZIP disks so you could remember what was on them? Remember sticking them in caddies to organize them? I thought for sure that when I graduated to a portable external hard drive I’d never have to worry about such mundane problems again. And then I got a second external hard drive. And then a third. The folks at Freecom recently unveiled their Mobile Drive CLS system to address this very problem. CLS stands for “Collect, Label and Store”.

So you’ve got one hard drive with all your MP3s, another hard drive with all your porn movies, and a third hard drive with digital photos. Use the CLS system to label each drive and keep them nicely organized. The little dock, which holds three drives, is $20, while the drives themselves run $120 for 500GB and $140 for 640GB. To populate all three slots on the CLS dock you’re looking at a pretty decent chunk of change, but you’ll be the envy of your friends with a well-organized hard drive collection.

Via Design Boom.