You And Your iPad Get Held In A New Way

The iPad has a lot of potential. I’m sure all you geeks out there would love to touch screen everything. Well that’s just what’s going on right now, with the iPad at the base of it all.

Take, for example, this home theater chair from Elite Home Theater seating. They are taking iPad integration to the next level.

Meet the Luxa2 H4 iPad holder. It mates your iPad to your chair. Just place the mount in the cup holder of the chair. The usual luxuries apply such as rubberized handles for your precious. But I would go for the gold and get some transducers mounted in the chair with a Crowson amp and really feel your newfound power.

Premium, which adds the transducers, adjustable headrests and amp will lighten your load by $5995 per chair. Otherwise for you proletariats, you’ll have to just make due with the $2495 chair. At least you’ll get the motorized recline, auto footrest, dual-cushion package with plenty of lumbar support for TV marathons.

Watch the video, just don’t mind the overly dramatic sound track and awkward, well, everything.

Yeah Dawg!