American Hero Landon Donovan On North American Cover Of FIFA 11 (Along With Kaká & Carlos Vela)

Captain America Landon Donovan is the cover boy for FIFA 11 here in North America. Well, Kaká, of Brazil, is the real cover athlete, but Donovan and Carlos Vela, of Mexico, share the cover with him.

Other countries are as follows:

England: Rooney and Kaká

Spain: Iniesta and Kaká

France: Benzema, Lloris, and Kaká

Italy: Chiellini and Kaká

No word on the German cover or the Portuguese one—I would be shocked if it’s not Cristiano.

Observation: Both Kaká and Carlos Vela are in their club kits (Real Madrid and Arsenal, respectively) and yet Donovan is in his U.S. kit. No love for the Galaxy, EA?

Oh, and Kaká is quite injured, he’ll be out for something like three or four months. The EA cover curse strikes again~!