HeyZap Launches Support For HTML5 Games

HeyZap, a startup that offers game developers a distribution platform and a variety of social tools, is looking to stay ahead of the curve: the company, which has been focused exclusively on Flash games until now, is adding support for HTML5 games.

HTML5 is still something of a novelty when it comes to gaming — we’ve seen demos like Quake running in the browser, but the vast majority of popular social games are still Flash-based. But HeyZap cofounder Immad Akhund thinks that’s going to change in the future, as more games are ported to HTML5 for compatibility (iOS doesn’t support Flash) and as browsers support more HTML5 features.

Akhund also says that they’re seeing demand for the feature already: HeyZap has had ten established developers ask for HTML support, and there are plenty of more basic casual games that are HTML-based (think Vampire Wars, Mobsters, etc.)

HeyZap’s HTML5 feature suite includes support for authentication of users through Facebook and Twitter, the ability to share/tweet your in-game achievements to your social networks, and payments through PayPal and credit cards.