How Crisp Thinking Aims To Catch A Predator, Griefer, Gold Farmer, Cyber-Bully… [TCTV]

As a Brit in Silicon Valley, I’m always encouraged when I hear about my fellow countrymen making headway amid their Yank counterparts. And it’s particularly heartening when those countrymen are building companies that promise to stamp out spamming, griefing, trolling and even more nefarious behaviour online.

One such man is Peter Maude, CTO of Crisp Thinking, a UK-based start-up that offers social networks as well as brands like Nickelodeon, Sony and Lego  a way to detect everything from irritating bullies to dangerous child predators amongst their users.

I spoke to Maude on Skype to ask him how Crisp Thinking’s technology works and what happens after it detects a bad guy lurking in the shadows.