Innergie want to power your laptop n stuff

I hate power adaptors for laptops. That there are so many different adapters out there is a cruel reality. Why manufacturers never standardised the power pack is a debate for another day, but the truth is that I have a ton of different adaptors floating around my house, and having to keep tabs on which brick matches which laptop is a pain in the…

One way to tackle this problem is to use a universal power adapter. One brick, a pocketful of tips, and you can power any laptop you find in front of you. Of course, this idea is not new, but you know what is new? Innergie. That’s right, a whole new brand of power adapters just made itself known in North and South America. And they look purdy, too.

Innergie offer 4 different power adaptors for laptops (including the smallest 65w brick I’ve seen), one for USB devices, and one little adapter retracto-cable thingy (coming soon) that will charge mini- and micro-USB devices, as well as any Apple products that use their proprietary charging port (ie iPods/Pads/Phones).

The spangliest of all the features on offer, however, is the inclusion of USB charging ports. I know that USB chargers are plentiful these days, but it’s great to not have to make room in a power outlet, or have to boot up your laptop to charge your phone/portable device. Combine it with the magic cable I mentioned earlier, and hey presto, you’ve got your self a charging station.

Innergie’s products are currently available online at Amazon, or at InMotion and Airport Wireless stores in the U.S., through AVS Technologies in Canada, Viastara in Mexico, Corpsir in Ecuador, and online worldwide at

If you want to see if their adapters are compatible with your laptop, you can check their compatibility page here.