Microsoft Begins MGS Mobile Gaming Studio Presumably For Windows 7 Phone Games

What does Pitfall! have to do with Microsoft? Nothing, I just thought it looked neat.

And now it looks like Microsoft is getting into the mobile video game “space.” Redmond has posted on its careers Web site that it is looking for people to staff its new MGS Mobile Gaming studio. (MGS stands for Microsoft Games.) You have a better chance of attracting their attention if you have C# and Xbox Live programming experience.

The “mission statement” for the new studio reads (well, read):

MGS Mobile Gaming – focused on bringing games and entertainment to the mobile life that people lead. Our vision is to deliver games and entertainment so good that people will want them always with them, on a service that makes them social, connected and relevant anywhere their life goes. The Mobile Gaming team is building industry leading products that showcase our Windows Phone platform as well as emerging mobile platforms, and will help realize Microsoft’s connected entertainment vision. The Mobile Gaming studio will be the hub for MGS franchises and titles on mobile devices and a center of excellence for mobile games.

It should be noted that the position has already been filled.

The studio will likely develop games for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 7 phones.

Looks like Nintendo has yet another company to worry about!