Splitfish's New Shark Controller Looks A Lot Like The Last One

I’m all for alternative control methods on consoles, and Splitfish has been offering this mouse-nunchuck combo for a while now. They know what’s up. They’re launching a new one at Gamescom, and good for them, but I can’t really figure out what’s new about it.

I think the main thing is that they’ve reduced power draw, so the one AA battery required to run these things lasts somewhat longer — they say 50 hours. The layout of the controllers doesn’t appear to have changed, although they do have an attractive blue finish now. The FragFX Shark will support PS3, PC, and Mac.

This isn’t the only addition to the lineup — I suspect it was revealed a bit early. There should be two other controllers being revealed soon: the Piranha and the Barracuda. No info on those yet.

[via The Belfast Telegraph]