TiVo Premiere To Feature Cox's "Vast" VOD Library

Good news for those of you in Cox-served areas of the country: TiVo is working with Cox to provide Cox’s VOD service via your TiVo Premiere box. This will be the first cable VOD available on a retail DVR, so feel privileged! It’ll be available “early next year,” and (presumably starting then) Cox will be promoting TiVo Premiere boxes and providing free installation. Sounds like a good deal all around.

Full press release below…


Cox Plans to Promote TiVo Premiere, Offer the TiVo Solution Through its Call Centers, and Provide Free Installation

First-Ever Integration of Cox On DEMAND service in a Retail Device to Provide A Full Service Cable Solution Along with Broadband Content

ALVISO, CA and ATLANTA, GA – August 12, 2010 — TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), a leader in advanced television services including digital video recorders (DVRs) for consumers, content distributors and consumer electronics manufacturers and Cox Communications, the third-largest U.S. cable television company, today announced that they have entered into an agreement whereby the two companies will offer TiVo Premiere with integrated Cox On DEMAND service to Cox subscribers. This represents the first time that a cable operator will make its entire video on demand (VOD) library available via a retail DVR and TiVo Premiere will become the first retail product to fully integrate a cable VOD service, along with linear television and broadband content accessible through TiVo’s user interface and intuitive search capabilities.

As part of the agreement, Cox will promote TiVo Premiere to its subscribers, support TiVo Premiere as an optional set-top, and provide free installation for TiVo Premiere boxes purchased by subscribers at Best Buy and other retail and online outlets including TiVo’s own website. Customers will need a CableCARD for access to Cox services. Cox will promote TiVo Premiere via its website, cross-channel advertising, and via direct marketing to its video and high-speed internet subscribers.

“We recognize that consumers are attracted to a growing range of devices that enable them to access broadband content and interactive capabilities,” said Pat Esser, President of Cox Communications. “With TiVo Premiere, Cox is providing consumers even more choice. Our subscribers will not only have access to TiVo’s user experience but Cox’s robust Advanced TV offering including On DEMAND service.”

“Making our video on demand library available to customers who are using TiVo Premiere ensures that they can continue to enjoy all of the great television and movie choices available through our offerings but now have it seamlessly combined with access to a myriad of broadband content in addition to what we offer today,” said Steve Necessary, Vice President of Video Strategy and Product Development for Cox.

“This is a major opportunity for TiVo, the cable industry and television viewers alike,” said Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVo Inc. “We are extremely pleased that Cox has elected to integrate its VOD library into TiVo Premiere and offer it to subscribers along with simple and free installation. This is a terrific cost-effective solution for cable operators looking to deliver broadband content and over-the-top television to subscribers. We couldn’t be happier than to be teaming with Cox to bring this fully integrated converged television and internet experience to our shared customers.”

In addition to having access to Cox’s vast VOD library and Advanced TV content, subscribers using a TiVo Premiere box will also be able to enjoy TiVo’s entire suite of advanced features including access to near infinite broadband content including movies and music, remote scheduling, multi-room viewing, interactive applications and TiVoToGo functionality.

Cox plans to make its video on demand service available on TiVo Premiere boxes to subscribers in all its major markets.

By the way, I put “vast” in quotes in the headline because it seems a strange epithet for a video library. “Vast” is a bit more… physical. I’d have gone with “extensive” or something.