Video: Slim n sexy Android-powered Dell Thunder

Dell have produced two Android-powered handsets to date: the uninspiring Aero and the enjoyably large Streak. Neither of the phones, however, have had true mainstream appeal. It seems the third time, as they say, is a charm, as the Thunder is a sexy piece of kit.

We first saw the Thunder back in April, when it leaked alongside two other sexy-lookin’ handsets. At the time, we were unsure of the authenticity of the leak, but now it appears that it was at least 33% real… and 100% gorgeous.

Engadget today received an exclusive (if short) video leak of Dell’s next Android handset, and, as you can see, it’s lookin’ fine.

The spec list is rather incomplete, but includes an 8MP camera with LED flash and 720p video, a reported 4.1″ 800×480 AMOLED screen (but it may be higher rez than that), and a 1,400mAh removable battery.

The device you’re looking at is running vanilla Android 2.1, but it’s likely that Dell will include their own custom skin, and — who knows? — maybe even a version bump.

Of course, this early in the game, there are no details on price or release date, but we’ll keep you in the loop as we find out about such matters.

But enough from me, isn’t it time you watched the video for yourself?