HTC Lexikon, Spark, And Bee Specs Leaked

Nothing too exciting here, but it looks like a couple HTC phones have had their specs leaked: the Bee, Lexicon, and Spark. We’ve seen the Spark around but curiously haven’t written it up except in passing. Well, it’s a Windows Phone 7 handset, 3.7″, but there isn’t much else to say until we see more than the rumored leaked photo.

The Bee and Lexicon are easier to suss out, though: the Bee is obviously an entry-level device, with its low-res 3.2″ screen and comparatively poky 528MHz processor. The Lexicon has a full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.7″ screen, but at 800MHz it’s clearly not meant to be a superphone a la the Epic 4G.

These specs are just rumor, of course. Could just be someone with a joker with a spreadsheet program, putting in likely-looking numbers and trolling the world.

[via The Unwired and Electronista]