Are These The Specs For The Upcoming Nikon D3100? Hopefully

Rumors have been flying left and right about Nikon’s upcoming cams. The word around the tubes is that both the D90 and D3000 are getting a refresh real soon. We supposedly saw the specs for the D90 replacement last week and now a German magazine published with what they claim are the D3100 specs. Hopefully it’s not twisted joke because these specs would make the D3100 one hell of a camera.

Nikon D3100:

  • 14 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Live View
  • 3 inch Display
  • 100 – 12800 ISO
  • 11-Point AF
  • Full HD Video (1920 x 1080)
  • price 650 €

Do you see that ISO rating? 100 – 12,800? Wow. In an entry level DSLR? Yessir! Of course there’s no official word from Nikon yet, but the frequency of the rumors seem to state these cameras are coming sooner than later.