The tPhone Is Yet Another iPod Touch 3G Jacket

The flood gates are open! The tPhone is the third iPod touch 3G jacket we’ve seen in as many weeks. Just like the Apple Peel 520 and the Sprint-bound Peel, this device adds a 3G modem to a jailbroken iPod touch, which then allows for phone calls and SMS. This model, however, seems to follow the same design cues as the Sprint Peel and is more of a docking jacket than a wrap-around silicon case like the Apple Peek 520. Along with adding the 3G modem to the iPod touch, the case also brings a non-removable 1200mAh battery and mini-USB port to the docked touch. Who knows if this model will ever hit the US borders, but even if this one doesn’t, others will now that jail breaking is a perfectly legal action in the states. [Sina via micgadgets]