A Quick Look At the 21st Century 3D Dual Red 3D Rig


Walking among the cars this weekend in Monterey I spotted an odd rig with two Red cameras attached to something that looked like a range hood. It turns out it was a 3D camera set-up from 21st Century 3D and records full HD at various depths and in a package that rides on a dolly.

Their BX3 has two cameras placed at 90-degree angles to each other. One camera takes the scene as it appears while another one shoots a one-way mirror at a slightly different angle to get the 3D effect. It’s obviously not for the average consumer – the Reds alone are $17,000 or so each – but was great to spot this thing in the wild.

Excuse the wind noise on the video. Sadly, I didn’t know I was picking it up until it was too late.