PayPal coming to Android Market?

Not the most exciting rumour coming out of the mill today, but one that could impact at least a fair chunk of you.

Bloomberg are reporting that Google are in talks with PayPal to enable payment of apps in the Android Market using the near-ubiquitous payment service.

For those not in the know, payments for apps in the Android Market are currently handled using Google Checkout. The thought is that some of the users that don’t already have a Google Checkout account may be hesitant to create one, and thus won’t purchase apps.

By offering PayPal, the Android Market will open up to a small portion of PayPal’s 87 million users — in particular, those without credit cards. Y’see, PayPal allows payments from savings accounts, where Google Checkout will only accept credit cards (and those weirdo debit/credit cards).

Bloomberg also say that revenue from the Android Market may be able to be paid out using PayPal, which could be a good incentive for developers to get on-board with Android.

The caveat here is that these “talks” may not lead to any outcome at all.

But tell me, does this interest you? Would you want to pay for your Android apps using PayPal? Do you think this is a good move on Google’s part? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

[via PhoneArena]