The MacBook Air Project Is The Ultimate Apple All-In-One Computer

With the look of an Apple-fied Asus Eee Keyboard and the internal workings donated from a partially-defunct MacBook Air, one ordinary man created something special: the MacBook Air Project.

It’s a simple concept, really. MacBook Air components are stuffed inside a chopped-down old Apple Keyboard casing topped by an Apple Wireless keyboard and Magic Tackpad. All the necessary ports are even embedded in the clear polycarbonate casing: DVI, USB, MagSafe. The construction is currently in progress, so it’s not as refined as it could be just yet, but it’s up and running, which is enough to make us smile. Sure, haters will point out that the form factor isn’t all that novel, but the whole project is down right awesome. Check out the modder’s blog for the complete story. It’s worth 10 minutes of your time this morning.