Video: Cute Robot Selling Ice Cream

Meet Yaskawa-kun. Yaskawa-kun is Japan’s newest robot, and he has two special skills: he looks cute and he can make and sell ice cream. Currently, he is working at Tokyo Summerland, a big theme park, where he will replace human workers until August 22.

The way you order is pretty simple: step up to the ice cream stand and select what you want via a touch screen (it’s possible to choose the size, sauce, topping and other things). Confirm with another push of a button, pay and watch Yaskawa-kun make the ice cream and hand it over to you.

Yaskawa-kun is the brain child of Japanese robot maker Yaskawa, a major Japanese bank and a leading advertising agency. The three companies want to continue conducting experiments with the robot and hope to lease or sell future versions (Tokyo Summerland is currently leasing the robot).

Here’s  Yaskawa-kun official promo video (and unbelievable anthem):

Via Robonable [JP]