Video: Meet G-Dog, Japan's Most Advanced Robotic Dog

We reported about G-Dog, a robotic dog developed by Japanese robot venture HPI, for the first time back in November 2008. G-Dog is actually on sale now, even has an English website and was recently captured on video by our friends over at DigInfo News in Tokyo. And the video embedded below shows the robot is able to pull off some pretty impressive moves.

G-Dog stands 19cm tall, weighs 570g and is powered by a 7.2V Ni-MH Battery. Once charged, the robot can run around for about 45 minutes. Owners can control him via a wireless joypad or upgrade him with extras, for example additional joints (there are nine in the basic version).

Depending on the number of extras, G-Dog retails for between $815 and $930. Maker HPI says they won’t sell the robot to customers residing outside Japan but recommends contacting “local robot shops” instead.

Here’s a video showing G-Dog in action (I am guessing this is a high-spec version with many extras on board). It’s in Japanese, but that doesn’t matter too much in this case: