Mogo Talk XD Adds a Bluetooth Headset To Your iPhone 4

Mogo, not content with resting on their laurels, is now taking pre-orders for the Mogo Talk XD for the iPhone 4. It is an iPhone case and battery with built-in removable headset. The device will cost $99 and ships September 1.

MoGo Talk XD reinvents the Bluetooth headset by introducing a simply brilliant Bluetooth Solutions that provides the ultimate in communication convenience and iPhone 4 protection. The MoGo Talk headset + case system delivers form and function through an elegantly powerful communication device that integrates seamlessly with a stylishly thin protective case for your iPhone 4.

Headset + Case System
Featuring the best in communication convenience and iPhone 4 protection in one highly integrated product, the MoGo Talk XD is the World’s thinnest high performance headset that snaps seamlessly and securely into the accompanying Slim Mogo Grip Case. MoGo Talk XD is the headset that is always with you and always ready.

Crystal Clear Conversations
The MoGo Talk XD headset delivers two-way crystal clear conversations leveraging powerful SmartAudio™ noise and wind reduction, active noise compensation & echo cancellation technology that is perfectly complemented by the SoundMonitor™ high fidelity sound technology, previously reserved for in-ear monitors used by top musicians.

Superior Comfort + Secure Fit
The Exclusive SoundShape™ ear bud design naturally flex-forms and fits the contours of your individual ear. These ear buds provide comfortable and secure long-term wear along with more than 15dB of passive noise-cancellation to block ambient noise and supply rich bass response. The MoGo Talk XD headset also adjusts to your individual face shape for a streamlined fit.