Sharp Unveils Portable Air Purifier "Plasmacluster"

In the US (and elsewhere), Sharp has been selling a number of air purifiers, branded as “Plasmacluster”, for years now. In Japan, the company today announced [JP] a portable Plasmacluster, the IG-CM1. The mini version (57×27.5×124mm) basically works like the bigger models: it cleans the air around you, suppresses odors and makes sure your skin looks healthy.

Once you charge the battery, the IG-CM1 will work continuously for around eight hours, but it’s also possible to plug it into your computer’s USB port. The device weighs 150g and works at 29db.

Mainly targeting women, Sharp plans to offer the air purifier in pink, white, black and beige when it goes on sale in Japan on September 1st. Specialized gadget store Geek Stuff 4 U is already offering the IG-CM1 for pre-order for everyone living outside Japan (price: $197.45).

Via Kaden Watch [JP]