The G2 cometh

I know they say that if you remember 2008 “you weren’t really there, man” but I’m pretty sure I remember it, just as I’m pretty sure I was there. Man.

My point is that I remember the excitement surrounding the world’s first Android phone, the T-mobile G1. 2 years on, T-mobile decided to retire the little piece of history, so it’s fitting that, only about a month later, they’ve launched the teaser site for the G1’s successor, the G2.

Sadly, it’s little more than that: a tease. There is only a shapeless form to start the dreaming (double points if you notice the pun there), and the news that it will be T-mobile’s first HSPA+ quasi-4G phone.

Earlier rumours around the web have pinned a September release date for T-mobile’s first HSPA+ phone, so let’s see if they match up when the big T comes clean with some more details “in the coming weeks”.

As usual, you can bet your best chickens that we’ll keep you informed as any details arrive. Otherwise you can leave your email address on the teaser site, and get the news from T-mobile themselves. Fine. Be that way.

[via Android Central]