Video: Gather Round For The F1 2010 Trailer

Stop what you’re doing, put on some headphones, and bask in the glory that is F1 2010, the first “real” Formula 1 game in several years, with all due respect to F1 2009—that was for the Wii, come on. Anyhow, Codemasters developed it. You know, the guys behind Grid and Dirt.

This is the first non-Wii F1 game since Sony’s F1 Championship Edition, released in 2007. It was… well, Edge gave it a 4 out of 10. A bit tosh, yes.

But Codemasters has demonstrated that, if nothing else, it knows how to make a darn fine racing game. Combine its fantastic engine with your Ferraris and your Red Bulls, and we’re in for a legitimately good F1 game.

This is good news for humanity.