Want To Recreate Sterling Cooper Or Just Be On Mad Men? Get Bidding.

Um, awesome.

I’m a huge fan of the AMC show Mad Men. I’d argue it is the best show on television right now, but that will just lead to a flamewar with the Breaking Bad people. Anyway, as the winner of the past two Emmys for best drama, the show has a lot of fans. And it has plenty of people who wish they could live in that moment of time (New York City in the 1960s). Now, thanks to eBay, you can get pretty close.

And, if you’re willing to act a little bit — and spend a whole lot of money — you can get very close.

Currently for sale on eBay are dozens of pieces of furniture and outfits from previous seasons of the show. This includes a lot of the furniture from Sterling Cooper, the advertising agency that the main characters work at.

As the show is still very much alive, doesn’t AMC need the set furniture anymore? Well, no. I won’t spoil why, but if you watch the show you’ll know why.

Anyway, this is all being auctioned off for charity. 10 percent of the final sale price will go towards the City of Hope nonprofit. No word on where the other 90 percent is going — but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Smartly, the eBay page for each item includes details about how it was used in the show. For example:

Mad Men Sterling Cooper Cabinet – Break Room
The Sterling Cooper break room was always buzzing with the juicy gossip. Get your very own conversation piece. Cabinet, metal, utility, Aqua blue, 1 drawer, 1 door with 1 inner shelf. Rubber top, black faux marble design.

They also include a video clip from the show showing it in action.

But the biggest item is a walk-on role on the show itself. Currently at $16,000+, it won’t be cheap, but it will be for one show next season. You’ll also get a custom wardrobe fitting, period hair and makeup, and a VIP tour of the set if you win the bid. And you can bring a guest on to the set to watch the filming of your scene.

Currently, the cheapest item is the drapery from Peggy Olssen’s office at $20.50.

The auction for all the items ends on August 22. <Insert 60’s-era joke about who is going be be able to fit into Joan’s dress.>

[thanks Chris]