StockTwits Debuts A Brand New

Last year, the Twitter-focused stock and trading network StockTwits acquired, a stock-chart service that was designed specifically for StockTwits. It’s sort of like a Twitpic for stock charts (you can Tweet about a stock with a link to a chart on But for the most part, StockTwits co- founder Howard Lindzon retained existing’s look and feel for users. Today, is getting a UI makeover and additional features as part of the StockTwits Network.’s new front page is not just more visually appearing, but navigation is more user-friendly. The startup also features charts from top chartists and creators (an alogrithm highlights the charts based on aggregate number of veiws per user).

You can filter streams now by Charts that are Bullish, Bearish, Equities, Forex and more. One compelling new feature to the site is the ability to record a screencast on the site which Lindzon says could be huge for traders. Many traders have been using and StockTwits has a place to build their brand and a business around their trading ideas on the social trading platform. Screencasts allow traders to visually connect with possible investors. has seen a fair amount of growth over the past year as traders and financial professionals start adopting social media as a forum for sharing data and information. The site now sees 600,000 page views a month.

And StockTwits has also been steadily adding features to its fast growing community. Yesterday, the site announced the ability for companies to include a “verified stream” and profile on the site that can include investor relations news and other company content on the site.

With the launch of an AIR Desktop app, a online video channel, financial news and a more interactive stock charting service in just a year, I’m sure we can expect additional growth from StockTwits in the future.