Digital Publishing Startup liquidpubs Launches, Employs Apple Logo Creator

There’s a new “next generation” digital publishing solutions provider in town, and its name is liquidpubs. Offering tools and services for publishing for smartphones and tablet computers, specifically, the startup aims to cater to publishers of magazines, newspapers and books wanting to get their content onto devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Of note: one of the company’s creative directors is Rob Janoff, a graphic designer probably most famous for his creation of the Apple logo (the rainbow bitten apple one, not the early Isaac Newton one) and his later design work for the likes of IBM and Intel.

The other creative director is renowned photographer and image artist Alexx Henry, but let’s not digress too much.

Liquidpubs is essentially a set of services and technologies that allows publishers of magazines, newspapers and books to offer owners of the iPad, an iPhone or an Android based tablet or smartphone an experience of their content specifically made for said devices.

Initially, the liquidpubs team will customize and brand its technology for magazine and newspaper publishers in particular. This includes interface design, app customization, and linkages to content management systems, with available plugins for design programs like Adobe InDesign. The branded app is then launched publicly via the iTunes App Store and/or Android Market, and publishers can continue to add interactive content to it at will.

Here’s a feature overview, including pretty pictures.

Post-launch services and support include payment processing, real-time readership stats, app updates, and further programming and design support. Also part of liquidpubs’ post-launch service is motion and still photography for nifty magazine covers and interactive content. Needless to say, with creative directors like the two men cited above on board, that’s a pretty decent value proposition.

Additionally, the ‘liquidpubs eBook publish’ solution services book publishing houses and self-publishers wanting optimized, digital and publication-ready versions of their print books on the eBook marketplace.