New Samsung SSDs Appear In The Old Country

Not everyone is buying into the SSD thing just yet — they’re still awfully expensive, and the technology seems to be improved monthly. But on the off chance you’ve just decided to leave the spinning platters of yesteryear behind, here are a few new Samsung drives that sound just dandy.

The 470 series comes in 64, 128, and 256-gig capacities, for $200, $400, and $600 respectively. As usual, you get performance increases as you go up in price and capacity, so it makes (technically) for a better buy, but who’s going to spend $600 on 256 gigs of storage? Yet who wants to spend even $200 on a 64GB SSD if it’s only half as fast as the next one up?

It’s this conundrum that has led to buyer’s paralysis, at least in my case. And in fact, it’s really not even correct. The 64GB one really isn’t inferior except in random reads per second and sustained write rate. It’s actually not a bad deal at all.

Of course, they’re only available in Europe right now. I know, very inconvenient.

[via Tech Report]