First shots of Motorola MB520 "Kobe" leak

Do you remember the other day when I told you all about Motorola’s upcoming mid-range Android phone, the MB520 (aka Kobe)? I do. I remember it well.

Well, guess what, Kitten? The early obligatory spy shots of the device are now making their way across the web. And we have copies for you.

Yes, those ever diligent folks over at Engadget have scored a gallery full of shaky, blurry — but super-fresh — images of the upcoming handset, as well as a few more details of the new device.

Namely, it’ll ship with Android 2.1 and (Moto’s custom Android skin) Blur, but a 2.2 (aka Froyo) update will be available over-the-air.

Internally, it’s also being called “Diablo”, but there’s still no retail name available just yet. Speaking of retail availability, there’s still no word on release date, but — as I said the other day — it’s bound for AT&T.

’nuff from me now, check the pics fo’ yo’self in the gallery below.