Lumenergi Future Looks Bright With $12.7 Million Funding

Lumenergi a Newark, Calif. business closed a $12.7 series B funding round led by Braemar Energy Ventures the company announced today.

It plans to use the capital to take its flourescent and LED lighting control systems — which are like dimmers on steroids and smart pills — from small to mid-sized commercial sites such as schools, courthouses and stores, to large scale commercial and industrial sites.

It will especially seek projects in “energy intensive” regions where the power supply may be limited, or strained by harsh weather for example.

Lumenergi’s systems were designed to help office and home owners to monitor, report on and optimize or reduce their use of energy for building wide lighting.

Some of Lumenergi’s systems make use of lower-power consuming LED lights. Others work with flourescents according to GreenTechMedia.

Flourescents are the most widely used lighting systems in U.S. office buildings today, according to research by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Braemar Energy Ventures led the $12.7 million series B round, joined by Townsend VC LLC, Low Carbon Accelerator Ltd. and Noventi Ventures.