Metroid: Other M Impressions

I’m going through a bit of the new Metroid game by Team Ninja, the same guys who made Ninja Gaiden and I’m pleased to report that the game, although a departure from the tamer Metroid games, the injection of real emotion and a bit of (non-bloody) space horror adds considerably to the game.

I’ve only run through the first few sections but I’m already kind of hooked. As a former Metroid lover – I haven’t played the francise since a few titles on the GBA but I loved the original concepts and it was probably one of the greatest games ever for the NES – it’s nice to see good old Samus chilling in her morph suit and all of the old enemies are there including those spiky turtle Geemer things.

The game will be available on August 31 and is worth a look if you’re into the franchise.
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