Playboy Tries To Put The Sexy Into Online Video Games

What is it with the combination of video games and hot chicks? Oh yeah, they both appeal to young, sweaty men. is getting into the online video game business through a partnership with Bigpoint Games. The first game will be Poisonville, which is kind of like a browser-based version of Grand Theft Auto, except that the characters are “beautiful, Playboy-caliber women.”

Poisonville is a 3D, massively multiplayer game where you are part of a gang of Playboy models who shoot the cops and blow things up. Yeah. Enjoy the trailer below.

I don’t think they got the formula quite right. What Playboy should do is team up with GameCrush, and charge their young, sweaty customers a gazillion dollars to play Poisonville against real live Playboy bunnies.