Waste Not, Want Not – Monetize Thank You Pages With AfterDownload

Straight from the Benjamin Franklin department of “waste not, want not” comes upstart AfterDownload with a simple idea about how to enhance those typical download and ecommerce ‘Thank You’ pages … use them to promote more wares.

Good ol’ Ben would surely ask: ‘Why let them go to waste when you can squeeze them for some additional revenue? Am I right, or am I right?’

AfterDownload delivers a convincing pitch: for publishers, the benefit is obvious, as they get to monetize exit traffic with practically zero effort.

Advertisers, which are strictly software vendors, benefit from pay-for-performance (predominantly CPC) so they really have nothing to lose. Users aren’t really hurt along the way, seeing all they are exposed with is yet another ad – no biggie, right?

Under the hood, AfterDownload is a self-serve ad network with all the basic ad-server features you would expect: geo and browser-targeting, reporting, etc.

Currently averaging 15 million impressions a day, I have a feeling Ben would approve.