Cee-Lo's "F*ck You" Ain't Got Nothing On Gaga's "Telephone"

As seen by the entire Internet, the August 19th premiere of Cee-Lo Green’s “Fuck You” will go down in history as the day the phrase “fuck you” became totally benign and commonplace.

But, in another case of loud web hipster chatter not resulting in a proportionate amount of viewers, “Fuck You” did not get to the 1/2 million or 1 million mark faster than glossy stuff like Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone,” which had surpassed the Cee-Lo video’s current 2,822,225 million views IN A DAY.

While YouTube would not comment on the stats of any individual video, YouTube Product Manager Hunter Walker did answer our inquiry on Quora.

“Love the Cee-lo video but it’s nowhere close to the fastest growing music video of 2010, or even this month. Check out Eminem’s “i love the way you lie” — 63 millions views in three weeks.”

In testament to the overwhelming appeal of this video among a certain tastemaking segment of the online population, Quora Co-Founder Charlie Cheever even got in on the armchair viral video quarterbacking.

And in case you are a nerd and were wondering what the Cee-Lo font is, it’s Champion Gothic.