Rumour time: G2 to launch September 29

Oh, Señor Blurrycam, I don’t know how you do it. I envision you flying around the world at plaid speeds, snapping secret pics as you fly by (which goes some way to explain why they’re all so blurry, I suppose). You’re like a nerdy Santa, and I love that about you.

His latest blurry shot? Details from some kind of T-mobile launch calendar stating that the HTC Vanguard will launch on September 29.

Now, all my leads (ie, the original post at T-Mo News) say that the HTC Vanguard = the HTC Vision = the T-Mobile G2.

Additionally, all arrows pointed to a “late September” release date for the follow-up to the first Android device to market, so these pics sit nicely with that.

And, finally, T-Mo news also has a very unconfirmed rumour that pre-orders may begin from August 31st or September 1st.

Now all we need are some pics of the hardware…