Will Brad Pitt Star In Red Dead Redemption Movie?

Apparently someone is thinking about creating a movie based on Red Dead Redemption, and they want Brad Pitt to play John Marston. Could be neat.

If you’re going to make a movie based on a game, you might as well base it on one with an actual story, right? Considering Red Dead Redemption did, in fact, have a pretty good story—I actually enjoyed watching the story unfold more than I enjoyed running through the same playing mechanics over and over again—then yeah, this has the potential to not be trash.

But that depends on several things, including how closely Rockstar works with the screenwriters and the director.

As for Brad Pitt, ShowbizSpy—a real hit with techies, I’m sure—quotes a source (a source, people!) as saying, “The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches*. Brad is perfect for the role and he is being given first refusal.”

That basically means whoever is behind the movie wants Brad Pitt to star, and is giving him the role (if he wants it) without even talking to him. Nice gig he has.

You’ll recall that Brad Pitt has already starred in a western in the movie The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (pictured above). Pitt was quite good in it, and the movie is worth going out of your way to see.

In other Red Dead Redemption news, Rockstar has announced another DLC pack, called Liars and Cheaters. It includes more multi-player shenanigans, and comes out on September 21..

*Instead of trying to find his family, Brad Pitt will be looking for his lost iPad