Nintendo Slashing The Prices Of The DSi and DSi XL Next Month (Likely For the 3DS Launch)

The 3DS is coming! The 3DS is coming! And you know what that means, right? Price cuts! On the current models! Yay!

Nintendo just announced that the DSi will soon become $149 from $169 and the DSi XL dropping $20 as well to $169. The DS Lite’s $129 price will stay put. All this is set to go down on September 12th.

This does two things for Nintendo. One, it makes the current DSi models a bit more attractive to bargain hunters that are unaware of the 3DS or simply don’t care. Retailers can scream PRICE DROP and snatch up some pre-holiday sales.

More importantly, though, the $20 price drop clears the $199 price-point previously held by the DSi XL with its $189 MSRP. Now, Nintendo can put the 3DS at $199 to complete set with the DS Lite starting off the party at $129 and the DSi hitting at $149. That’s about as good as any maker can ask for. The two older models no doubt have hefty manufacturing profit levels as they’ve in production for so long, therefore allowing Nintendo to sell the new 3DS with smaller, if any, margins.

Or I could be totally off and the 3DS will retail well north of $199. We’ll find out shortly as Nintendo is set to announce the 3DS next month. Either way, the DSi and DSi XL prices are getting slashed