Power Laces Beats Nike To The Future

Watch out, Nike. Power Laces has your number. Of course you have the patent, but let’s not get hung on up on the ‘deets. Power Lace’s enterprising creator is already on the second generation of his self-tightening shoes and it looks surprising similar to Nike’s just-granted patent — complete with heel sensor. This guy is going for broke, though, and is currently seeking funding via KickerStarter. I’m not sure I would would drain the trust fund to allow the guy to quickly hit his $25,000 goal after seeing the Nike patent, but a few dollar bet at least makes this guys day. Plus it could net you a t-shirt or some rad 80’s-themed stickers. A $250 donation will get you the first generation if the target goal is reached.

Anyway, enough, you must click through to see the demo video. It’s surprisingly nice. Marty would approve. (You knew I had to throw in at least one Back To The Future joke)