Facebook for webOS gets a lil' upgrade, gets some much needed features

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Wrong. Not in the mobile world. In the mobile world, where next month’s software patch is all the rage before it’s even announced, slow and steady gets you tromped all over. Alas, until HP/Palm really get into their post-merger swing, slow and steady is all they’ve got.

This morning, that slow and steady pace brings a minor update (1.3) for webOS’ Facebook app. So, what’s inside?

Beyond the customary bug fixin’ and optimizations, the most noteworthy features are landscape mode (Hurray!), one-click comments, filtered news feeds, and, at long last, photo tagging.

Feeling a bit more cutting-edge today? If you’re willing to travel into untested waters, Palm has also just pushed a beta version (1.3.1) of the Facebook app to their developer portal. Whats the difference between the publicly available 1.3 and the beta 1.3.1? We… actually have no idea. We couldn’t spot any differences — but hey, at least you get to say you’re a beta tester.