Microsoft Updating Xbox 360 Controller

There’s a rumor making it’s way around the internet this morning, it seems that Microsoft may be launching an updated Xbox 360 controller this coming holiday season. Again, this isn’t official, however Joystiq seems to think that their source is pretty reliable. What are they updating? Well, apparently the D-Pad needs some refreshing. The plan is apparently to rotate the D-Pad by 90 degrees, thus raising it up about a quarter of an inch. The change is apparently intended for fighting game fans in particular, but I’m not sure that I see the point. At any rate, when/if this rumor becomes official we’ll let you know.

Update: It’s official, and it’s shiny – as in silver covered shiny. And the D-Pad converts from the old style flat version, to the taller new version just by twisting it. The bad news, it’s part of a $65 play-and-charge bundle that’s coming out Nov. 9th. Watch the video update from Major Nelson after the jump: