Samsung Wave S7320 caught in the wild, gets some hands-on time

I’m still not entirely sold on Samsung’s Bada operating system — but if Bada gets your boat a’rockin, more power to you.

Just yesterday, ol’ Sammy announced their third (or is that fourth? We’ve lost count.) Bada phone: the Wave S7320. Built for the lower-end, what it lacks in Super-AMOLED displays and insanely fast CPU clockspeeds it makes up for in its (currently unannounced, but presumably low) price and not-at-all-tacky leather case. Some 24 hours after its official debut, it’s already managed to get some hands-on time.

Italian gadget blog spent some alone time with the phone, armed with little more than a camera and a shared love for anything and everything that makes phonecalls. Their impressions? It’s all good. The build quality seems decent enough, with a metal back cover that gives the whole thing a fairly polished feel. As far as they could tell, the build of Bada running on this handset was identical to that running on other Wave handsets, outside of some color modifications to the UI.

Dying for more details on the Wave S7320? First, let us know why in the comments below — and then find some more shots over at the source.