Verizon soon to offer Android, BlackBerry, and Palm on Pre-Paid

Good news for any contract-a-phobic smartphone fans out there: several leaks today pointing to a high likelihood that Verizon will soon offer most of their Android line up (including the Droid series, as well as the yet-to-be released Samsung Fascinate), a healthy dash of BlackBerries, and both the Palm Pixie Plus and the Palm Pre Plus, on their Prepaid Monthly Talk and Monthly Talk & Text plans.

Interested in pricing? Well, sadly, there is no pricing on the actual handsets just yet, but all the phones will need a $30 unlimited data/email package tacked onto a minimum $45 per month voice plan. Not pad for a pay-as-you-go from Verizon, I believe.

Android Does originally broke the news, with a flurry of different confirmation pics hitting Engadget’s tip line later. As such, you can consider this rumour pretty solid.

You can check the plan info in the gallery, below, as well as a picture of the BlackBerry Curve 8530 box, which confirms the minimum plan requirements as seen in the original leak.