Concept And Future Gear Shown Off At Canon Expo

Canon’s invite-only, once-every-five-years Canon Expo is in full swing right now in New York, and although we’re not there, some excited camera lovers are, and there is some cool stuff on display. Above you can see a concept camera pulling a 4K image off of a 2/3″ sensor, via a crazy 20x zoom L lens. 7-140mm F/1.8-3.8! Geez, I don’t even want to think about what that thing would cost.

Here are a couple more pics. All these are courtesy of Philip Bloom.

Obviously not a consumer-ready device, but it’s cool nonetheless. They mention that the sensor is shooting above 60FPS, but the information card doesn’t put a cap on it. Probably doesn’t go as high as 120 or they would have mentioned it.

Then there’s this great, gigantic sensor, which they’re showing off by comparing what it and the human eye can see. As you can see, we are obsolete.

Lots more pics of various cameras and doodads over at Philip Bloom’s site.

[via Electronista]