Avatar 3D Blu-ray Launch To Be Exclusive To Panasonic TV Buyers

Big Avatar fan? Bought a 3D-capable TV just so you could watch it again in all its glory? Well, you might want to sit down. Panasonic and 20th Century Fox have arrived at a deal whereby the upcoming 3D Blu-ray version of the film will only be sold to people buying new Panasonic displays. It’d be for a limited time, of course, but no dates were mentioned.

A spokesman for Panasonic said they were also trying to “do the right thing” and let people who had recently bought Panasonic sets to get the disc. He wouldn’t say whether the disc would be included in Blu-ray player bundles, either.

Sounds like they didn’t really think this through. Why not just say “Avatar is getting its Blu-ray release on such and such a date, but if you buy a new Panasonic TV or Blu-ray player, you get it a month early!”