Samsung Introduces A Rather Strange-Looking Camcorder With A Tilted Lens

The phenomenon of tilting the lens in your camera or camcorder is simply not something I understand. Is there a nationwide crisis because of people not pointing their camcorder properly? Are home movies being ruined because it’s all shots of people’s knees? It seems to me that camera manufacturers have invented a problem to solve, and their solution is weird-looking.

Samsung has been doing this for a year at least, so the PR description of the HMX-T10 as “pioneering and innovative” is hilarious to me. At $300, it’s your basic, traditional form-factor camcorder; it has a 2.7″ touchscreen LCD, a nice 10x F/1.8 zoom with optical stabilization, and… unfortunately, shoots at 1080/60i. Oops, well, that’s it.

I won’t recommend any camcorders that shoot interlaced, so my advice is to go with any of the very similar and capable cameras at or below this price, like the Toshiba H30 I recently reviewed, or one of the many pocket cams that can be had for peanuts these days. No one should pay for interlacing in the year 2010.