Looks Like Dyson, Priced Like A Knock-off, Still Blows

Not content to stick to the cheap imitation of tablets and other computers, the clever copiers at Abiko have produced a “homage” model of the Dyson bladeless fan. Keep in mind that the knock off isn’t of the newest models, but rather the 10-inch desk fan that we reviewed last year.

So they changed the color, removed that pesky logo, and now you too can have a desk fan that doesn’t use blades. The buttons are in the same place, and the fan will probably work the same way as the Dyson. It’s still expensive though – the real version is $300, the knockoff is still a wallet draining $223. For $75, you can have the real thing. I’m guessing you won’t find this fan in any US retail outlets, though I’m sure you can find it for sale on the internet if you look hard enough.

[via Crave]