Twitter for iPhone/iPad getting push notifications soon

It seems that when the Twitter for iPad app launched a few days ago, a few users were accidentally blessed with push notifications. Those privileges have since been revoked, but it seemed to confirm that the option would be coming soon.

We’d dug up hints of this late last night over at TechCrunch, and were able to confirm with Twitter that push notifications are, indeed, coming to the iPhone/iPad soon, but it’s still being tested internally for the moment.

Twitter’s confirmation:

“When we launched Twitter for iPad, there was a configuration error that caused us to offer push messages to a small set of users,” wrote a Twitter spokesperson. We’ve stopped sending push messages, but users may see an option to turn on push until we release an updated version of the app.”

“We’ve been testing push notifications internally,” the rep continued. “Push isn’t ready yet, but we look forward to rolling this out soon.”

This means that users of the app will soon get real-time notifications on certain types of messages — eg DMs or Mentions — making the app that much more useful as a communication tool.

And this comes so soon after we wrote about Notifio.