Google Voice now sending out missed call alerts via e-mail

If I learned anything from the crappy 2008 remake of the marginally less crappy 2004 japanese horror flick One Missed Call, it’s that if I miss a phone call, I will probably die.

Fortunately, Google doesn’t want me to die. That was their original original slogan, after all: Don’t be evil, and don’t wish death upon people. That was too long, so they shortened it to “Don’t be evil”, which was in turn shortened by removing all words and instead just having Larry and Sergey show up to press events on rollerblades.

Over the last few days, Google Voice has had a much-welcome new featured rolled into it: missed call notifications. Next time you’re forwarding your Google Voice calls to a line that doesn’t already notify you of missed calls (Landlines. Hah. Remember those?), you’ll still be able to tell if you took your bathroom break at a bad time, as Google will send a notification to either (or both) your e-mail and your Voice inbox.

Need the notifications? Pop into the Calls tab of the Google Voice settings screen to get things all set up.