Sony's Playstation Move "Ultimate FAQ" Answers Your Most Frequent Queries

If you’ve been thinking about buying a Playstation Move (and I recommend at least trying it, it’s quite good), you probably have a few questions, ranging from the usual “what are the prices for bundles” to “can I change the color of the ball” and other more specific stuff. The official Playstation Blog has put together a pretty comprehensive FAQ for your convenience.

Here are a few highlights:

Q: Does the PlayStation Move navigation controller have vibration feedback?
A: No.

Yeah, that’s a good idea: the precisely-tuned accelerometers being shaken like daisies in the wind whenever you fire a shot.

Q: Can the sphere on the PlayStation Move shatter? Does it prevent a safety risk around children?
A: No. The PlayStation Move’s color-changing sphere is constructed out of a soft, pliable material. It will not shatter or break into sharp pieces.

I like how this implies that other controllers do shatter into sharp pieces.

Q: Will the PlayStation Move’s cursor be as jumpy and shaky as other motion controllers on the market?
A: No. PlayStation Move uses an array of sensors — gyroscopes, accelerometers, Z-tracking, and visual tracking via the PlayStation Eye and color-changing sphere — to triangulate the controller’s movements quickly and precisely with 1:1 precision. If the PlayStation Move is correctly set up, you will notice a smoother, vastly more precise feel than other motion controllers.

Some well-aimed Nintendo trolling.

Q: I saw tech demos for PlayStation Move on the Internet. Will I ever be able to download these on the PlayStation Network?
A: The internal tech demos of PlayStation Move applications are currently not available for purchase or download.

This is too bad: the demos we saw our old friend Peter try out looked really, really cool. I’m guessing that they or something like them will be made available eventually, though. They’re great for selling the capabilities of the system.

Anyway, go and read. Lots of good information if you’re on the fence about this controller.